Getting started with Share The Peak is at least 100 times easier than hiking a 14er

Find things to do in Colorado

Find people with common active interests in Colorado!


Trust you me, we have nothing against hiking 14ers, we’re just saying that it’s probably a little harder (and rightly so) to hike up one of Colorado’s magnificent mountains than signing up to find people to hike up a mountain with.

Did you know that it takes 10,300 steps to hike a 14er? It probably takes more (or less? I don’t know, I just made that up), but I do know that it takes 3 fun steps (5 depending on your stride) to sign up for! Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to finding awesome things to do in Colorado.

Getting started with is easy:

1)      Figure out where you live (this should be extra easy!) and what kind of outdoor activities you enjoy doing (or want to enjoy doing in the future)

2)      Visit and check out all the awesome pictures, events, activities, and people already on there and determine if the items you listed for #1 look like a good fit. (HINT: It will be)

3)      Sign up right now! Add the info requested so we know you’re not actually a space monkey that has no interest in doing fun, active things in Colorado (other than being a space monkey) and then create your account!

Voilà! You’ve now accomplished more than a high number of people do in the first 3 waking hours of their day!

Additional optional steps to pimp out your profile

1)      Create an event! is designed to not only spread the word about great “organized” outdoor events (we use “organized” loosely because let’s face it, “Meet me here at 8AM” doesn’t take a whole lot of organizing) that we find but also allow you to add your own outdoor activities. Even if you’re headed up for a weekend of backcountry skiing or just a quick jog around the park, post it! Think of the word “event” as more of an idea you are possibly considering taking action on and would like to see if others are interested as well. Create an event right now and get started!

2)      Check out the carpool finder! Don’t let the dreaded low fuel light or Maintenance Required light deter you from your true passions. Make someone else drive you! “Share the Ride” allows you to find people with similar active interests going to the same event as you and most importantly, with a car, van, truck or at least a moped (helmet not included)!

Since that took no time at all, you can now spend the next 3 hours taking selfies until you get the perfect sexy/outdoorsy combo pic for you new profile. Good luck and happy posting!


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