Finding your way to fun without a ride (or cardboard, a sharpie and a sideways thumb)

Colorado has 104,100 square miles of awesomeness and practically no way to get to any of it without spending a couple Benjamins.

In 1980, gas prices reached $1/gallon for the first time. In 2013, gas is almost $4 per gallon! Combined with the cost of gas (avg. of $50 per full tank!), the mountain highways are jam packed on the weekends as people come and go to their outdoor adventures.

How do you still get your outdoor adrenaline high without ripping all of your hair out from frustration on the way there? 


Note: You only need to stick out your thumb BEFORE you get a ride

Simple! Look for a carpool! One unique feature of is the Share the Ride feature. Not only is the site FREE to use (similar sites usually have a cost) but you can create and join carpools with people who have similar interests.

To start, sign up for Share the Peak and fill out the profile information with your outdoor interests, an “about me” section and more if you want. Then, go to “Share the Ride”. Look for carpools by choosing options to narrow down your search, or leave some blank to get a wider search results. If you want to find activities close to you, make sure you put in a postal/zio code and/or town name and fill in the distance box. You can also create your own carpool for others to join.


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