How to Find Snow in Colorado When the Snow is (Almost) Gone

It happens every year and every year many of us Coloradan’s mourn the loss of our beautiful snow covered mountains and start a countdown to the winter months when we can rush up the high country and ride the slopes again. Fortunately, having a state packed with 14,000ft+ peaks we can find glimmers of snow even in the hot summer months. Here’s where you can head in the spring/summer and early fall to get your snow fix.

Ski Areas: Despite the 70 degrees days we have coming up to close out the month of April, a few mainstream ski resorts are still open and ready for riders. Here’s the (very)short list of ski areas you can still squeeze a couple sun and snow filled days out of this season: Arapahoe Basin, Loveland, and as a bonus, Aspen Highlands will be closed April 22-26 but will reopen for Saturday and Sunday, April 27-28. Snowboarding behind a snowmobile

St. Mary’s Glacier: This is a great spot located just about 30 minutes out of Denver in Idaho Springs and is a great off season place to get some off season back-country snowboarding action. The history of this Denver suburb “glacier” even featured a ski competition taking place on the 4th of July every year.

Trail Ridge Road: You can’t exactly snowboard or ski here but chances are you can find snow here. Located in between Estes Park and Grand Lake in Rocky Mountain National Forest, this paved road higher than 11,500 feet is only open a few months out of the year when its clear enough for travelers to traverse it.

Arapaho Glacier: This hiking trial on the outskirts of Boulder takes hikers on a steep 12 mile trail that crosses the continental divide and is sure to have ice and snow fields well into the summer months — not to mention 100 mile views at the Rocky Mountains.

Get higher… and higher and higher in the mountains: When you think you’ve gone as far as you can go. Keep going. and going and going. As it can obviously be seen from a mid-July drive up I-70 the tippy tops of the mountains in Colorado always have snow.

It may not be as fluffy… or as white… but in the end, it’s still snow.

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