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Rock Climbing In Colorado: Resources to Get Started


There are a lot of rocks in Colorado. Big ones, in fact.  And their size and availability make a lot of them perfect for climbing. If you want to indulge your inner kid and start climbing up things, here are some resource websites to help you get started—from what gear you need, to where you can get training to the best places to go and test your skills outdoors.


Resources for learning

Learn to Rock Climb

Getting Started Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Basics


Resources for indoor rock climbing

Rock’n and Jam’n

Movement Boulder

The Spot

Check out reviews of clubs on Yelp


Rock climbing gear

Rock Climbing 101: The Gear


Gear Express


Denver metro area rock climbing clubs

Denver Bouldering Club

Colorado Mountain Club


Rock climbing classes/instructors

Apex Ex

Bob Culp Climbing School

Front Range Climbing

Denver Mountain Guiding


Best outdoor places to climb

Top 5 Places to Rock Climb in Colorado

10 Best Colorado Rock Climbing Spots

Rock Climbing in Boulder


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