The Benefits of Biking—Why riding a bike to school, work or for pleasure is a good idea

The Benefits of Biking—Why riding a bike to school, work or for pleasure is a good idea

biketoworkRiding a bike during your daily commute does a lot more than just get you from Point A to Point B. It also can help you to get in shape and stay healthy.  If it’s not possible to bike to and from work, try adding biking into your lunch break. Form a group with your coworkers using Share the Peak to bike together at lunch or after work.

It burns calories and builds exercise into your everyday routine

We all know that a person is supposed to do at least 30 minutes of activity and movement a day in order to stay healthy. For people trying to lose weight, this requirement is even higher. Although a half hour doesn’t seem like much time, when you work in an office and spend 8 hours a day sitting at a desk, and then another 1-2 hours commuting, trying to work in 30 minutes of cardio can be difficult. Now imagine that instead of sitting in a car for your commute, you find a way to work in biking. Maybe you live close enough to your school or workplace that biking is a reasonable alternative. Maybe instead of driving you can take the bus or light rail for a portion of your trip and bike the rest. If you bike for 20 minutes, that’s a potential 160 calories Another 20 minutes to get back home and you’re up to 320 calories. That adds up, and you could lose an extra 4-5 lbs a month, while losing no time in your day!

It’s good for your heart

You might not know it, but cycling is also good for your heart. Again, it goes back to the daily physical activity thing. Adults who are physically active have a 50% less chance of developing major disease like heart disease, stroke or diabetes. Riding a bike is a good form of moderate exercise that gets your heart pumping and working.

It’s a lower impact workout than running

Low impact exercises can improve your health and fitness without causing harm to your joints. This is especially important for women who are pregnant, people who are overweight and people as they get older. Low impact activities are still exercise, but they don’t put the joints under as much stress. Biking is a great low impact exercise that can be done by anyone almost anywhere.

It can help reduce stress

Imagine a warm and sunny day. When it’s 70 degrees and the sun is shining, doesn’t it make you want to go outside? Taking a leisurely bike ride to enjoy the weather, especially with friends or family can help minimize your stress levels.


Not only will biking to work help your body, but it helps your brain too! Cardio activities, such as biking, pumps extra blood to your brain and gives it the right chemicals to aid in problem solving, memory and decision making, all important skills for on the job or school.  Who would’ve thought that biking to work could improve your job performance?


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