How to Choose the Right Yoga Class in Denver

How to Choose the Right Yoga Class in Denver

Yoga is known for its meditative and calming effects and, when done right, it can also be an amazing workout (laying in child’s pose for an hour doesn’t count though). With so many options of yoga studios, how do you choose the right one for you?

1. Classes


When looking for a yoga studio, the type of classes offered is one of the most important details. If you’re a beginner looking to learn basic poses, you are looking for sessions that are much different than someone who has been practicing yoga every day. Most studios offer a wide range of classes, and usually will include what level of skill a person should have. Be honest with yourself and choose one that will be challenging but that won’t involve you spraining something by the end.

There’s a yoga class for everyone, sometimes it just takes a little searching. There are classes that focus on connective tissue and joints, others that take place in a hot room and some that combine yoga and muscle sculpting.

If you are a beginner or first-timer, many studios, like Yoga Pod in Boulder, offer introductory rates for the first month or first couple of classes so that you can try it out.


2. Instructors

Not all instructors are created equal. The right (or wrong) teacher can make or break a class, and personality conflicts can cause more irritation than meditation. Are you looking for a hands-on teacher? Someone who concentrates more on the mental aspect that your form? Choosing a class and instructor that will meet your needs makes yoga easier and more fun. Do some research beforehand, look up the studio and the instructors online and see if they have bios on the website and what kind of reviews they have on Yelp. Most importantly, go and try a bunch of classes! You won’t know if you like something until you try it!

3. Convenience (times and location)

Look for a class that fits into your schedule and that you know you will routinely go to. If you keep promising that you’ll go before work, but constantly hit the snooze button instead, the 5 AM hot yoga class across town probably isn’t for you. Start small by going once a week and work it into a regular routine.  Get a group of friends to go (and organize using!).

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