Who uses Share the Peak? (Hint: they are not all 3 time marathon winners or pro snowboarders!)

While both marathon runners and pro snowboarders are impressive athletes (and welcomed on Share the Peak), people of all ages, genders, active interests and skill levels are welcome. You’ll find casual runners, hikers, Pialateletes? (Pilates doing individuals), along with hardcore mountain bikers, expert golfers and Ultimate Frisbee playing in the park people.

Whether you’re new to Colorado and are looking for what you came here for; fun, mountains, snow, great beer and outdoorsy down-to-earth people (you’ve come to the right place!)


You went to college here and although you came for the snowboarding or skiing you majored in beer pong with a minor in flip cup and are now looking to get back out there and try new things


You’re a Colorado native (or close to it!) and have your core interests but have either 1) gotten too good at everything and your friends can’t keep up or moved away 2) you want to try some new activities to supplement you’re already awesome self,

SharethePeak is for you!

When setting up a profile on SharethePeak you can make your profile work for you to find the best people to connect with, be adventurous with and organize events to go to together (and get there together). You can easily pick the activities you are already doing along with your skill level for each one (“Beginner”, “Intermediate” or “Competitive”) AND you can also select “Interested” on any activities you have in the back of your mind to possibly try one day when you’ve built up the courage.

Trust us. There’s plenty of other people out there in the same boat as you wanting to expand their interests and meet new people doing it!

STP select activities

No matter what your level of enthusiasm is for the outdoors, sports or even other people, there’s something and someone(s) for you on Share the Peak!

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